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What “Submit To Your Husbands” REALLY Means…

The Greek word so often mistranslated as “submit” (hupotasso) in Ephesians 5:24 is actually better translated “to identify with” or “to be in support of”. It was more of a military term at the time, meaning to be on the same team. A good modern term would be “to have one’s back”, or even “got your 6”. Knowing this truth does not diminish the Word of God, but instead gives it an even deeper, richer meaning.

Recent scholarship indicates the word “hupotasso” has also been found to be used to describe “supporting documents”, as in attachments to legal documents, verification of identity, etc. So, in Eph, 5 when we are urged to “hupotasso” our husbands and a few verses later to “hupotasso” one another in the church, that is most certainly NOT “submit” (“hupeiko” is that word). Paul is using a term VERY familiar to the vast majority of his audience, telling us to have one another’s backs, to support one another and to edify/verify/give one another credibility and backing. To stand as “Exhibit A” of the validity of this Hope we’ve found and one another’s faith!

I LOVE knowing this was the intention!! This so beautiful and intimate, across the board 🥰👍


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