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Torn means torn… Free means free…

If you’re listening to someone who is telling you that you have to earn the love of God… earn the favor of God… earn ANYTHING with God… RUN.

The New Testament teaches that God nailed all the scorecards to the cross with His Son. The veil between Himself and you wasn’t just half torn, partially torn, ripped just a little… it was COMPLETELY TORN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

It doesn’t need to be re-torn, sewn together and unraveled again… no way. ACCEPT the fact that what Jesus did was not just “good enough”, it was “above & beyond”… and He doesn’t need ANY help from you to complete the work of salvation. It is finished. Done. Completed.

The question is… as you stand there and look at the completely torn veil… what is your response?

Do you stand and point, declaring the veil to be incompletely torn in some way, despite the obvious chasm? (Does it make you feel important and accomplished to declare there is still some work to do? Is your pride more important than your freedom?)

Or do you bolt… run through it… into the arms of Unconditional Love?



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