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The Reality of ‘Women’s History Month’…

“It’s Women’s History Month. This feels to me to be a great time to open up a discussion, while we’re all focused on who, exactly, women ARE.
I’ll be focusing on this for the rest of the month. I have so very much *wonder* to share with you. ❤
I’m sorry my life right now doesn’t lend itself to an “every day at 5pm” schedule, but I’m here, alive and breathing – humbly, hand in hand with the living God.
Sometimes that looks like one of my girls needing to just BE with me while they work through a challenge, and they just need me to be present as their Mom.
Sometimes that looks like ME needing to be with MY Abba (Daddy) to commune with Him, and work something out in my own soul with His precious, faithful guidance.
Sometimes, that looks like me on the floor, crying my face off… awash in His love, that is ALWAYS faithfully there for me, before I can even communicate my desperate need for it.
Sometimes that looks like me answering the call to stand in the gap for someone who doesn’t have a “someone”, to literally BE the hands and feet of Jesus, when they truly NEED me to personify LOVE.
Sometimes that looks like loving my neighbor. Sometimes that looks like feeding the hungry.
Sometimes, any and all of that will look and feel a whole lot like I’m “somewhere else”… “off the grid”… “not engaged”… “self-involved”.. “self-centered”.
Sometimes – JUST sometimes – our small human vision will fool us into misunderstanding God Himself breathing life in and through a fellow human.
Despite all of the challenges, “Stay strong! You can do it!”
“Don’t CRY!”
“You’re being emotionally WEAK! No one can respect that behavior… suck it up – you’re CLERGY.”
‘(See, THIS is why we can only allow men can teach the Good News… 😉👍)’
Welcome to the history of what it means to be a woman in ministry.”
– Nicole Berryhill, Ph. D.


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