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WHOLENESS Journal:: Your Daily Planner for A Holistic Life Well-Lived: Undated 8×10 Holistic Living Business Planner and Gratitude Journal


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Trade in “Busy-ness” for Balance naturally and simply by using the holistically-centered “Just Today” pages in this unique journal and planner. Holistic Living (WHOLE-istic Living!) isn’t complicated. In fact, it should be intentionally UN-complicated. In Nicole’s book WHOLENESS: Your Complete Guide to All-Natural Holistic Wellness, she offers detailed suggestions to help you simplify and focus every day life in order to find more health, vibrancy and peace. This is the companion journal to that work. The challenge for us in today’s over-stimulated, information saturated age is to find ways to essentially resist the constant bombardment with the intentional force of peace. Dr. Berryhill has designed this daily journal using simple prompts and guidance within the intentions of Gratefulness, Inspiration, Action, Commitment, and Healthfulness in order to help you integrate the practices of wholeness into your daily journey in an automated way. Taking just a moment to respond to the provided prompts can help get your day started off on the right foot with an array of opportunities to be Grateful, Inspired, Healthy and of course, organized and simplified in your planned actions and appointments / commitments. “It is my sincere hope and prayer that this journal will give you a year of peace and harmony.” – Nicole Berryhill, Ph.D.


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