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Setting Reasonable Expectations

According to, “a goal or target that is realistic is one which you can sensibly expect to achieve.” In order to know what a reasonable expectation is, let’s first discuss what an unreasonable expectation might look like.

What Are Unreasonable Expectations?

Unreasonable expectations might be thinking that if you work hard enough, someone may notice it and then award you. This is unreasonable because you can’t control how another person will think.

The unreasonable expectation is holding the thought that if you do something good or positive then you’ll receive a positive response. This type of thought process can cause you to feel frustrated or even fall into depression. Learning how to handle rejection in a healthy manner is one way of setting reasonable expectations.

Unhealthy expectations could be focusing on one goal while missing out on the smaller goals you’ve met. Pursuing goals that are not reasonable or realistic can cause you to feel like a failure. Learning how to live in the moment allows you to appreciate the small wins on a regular basis.

How to Set Reasonable Expectations

Now that we’ve looked at unreasonable expectations, we can discuss what reasonable expectations are and how to set them.  Keep in mind that these tips can be learned and easily implemented.

  1. Accept your limitations and realize that you can’t control how others will respond. Even if you put in the most effort, that does not mean that you will receive the response you hoped to receive.
  1. Communicate with others and let them know your expectations. Take time to discuss what you’re willing to contribute and what you expect the other person to do in return.
  1. Be willing to change and be flexible. Life is unpredictable and having this mindset will help you adjust during your life journey and decisions.
  1. Know what you want from the goals you’ve set for yourself. Be honest about your skills and talents and be willing to change or remove goals as needed.
  1. Learn to live in the moment. The article posted on gives helpful tips on how to live life in the present.
  1. Be clear on what you expect from yourself. Consider journaling your expectations so you can refer to them as you work towards your goals.
  1. Know where you are lacking so you can figure out exactly what needs to change.
  1. Commit to following your life goals and vision while allowing room for detours. Accepting what you can and can’t accomplish will help you accept yourself and your limitations as needed.

Living in the present forces you to make the most of each day while still working on your future goals. When you set realistic and reasonable expectations, you allow yourself time to slow down and change your course as needed.  If you struggle with impostor syndrome then you may find relief and guidance from a therapist who can help you determine what is hindering your growth.


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