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I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry to those people who have been wounded by religion.

I’m so sorry to those people who have been taught to believe “church” is a building.

I’m so sorry to the precious souls who have had scripture slung at them like daggers.

I’m so sorry to those who have been presented with the false Gospel of a bean-counting, score-keeping, angry God.

I’m so sorry to all who have have been duped into believing they have to earn God’s love.

I’m so sorry to those who have been blinded by religion to their Divine preciousness.

I’m so sorry if I have ever personally said or done anything to perpetuate any of this false Gospel myself.

NONE of this has anything to do with Jesus’ life or teachings, and I specifically and publicly renounce all of it.

I have been on a deeply challenging spiritual journey these last few years, and I am happy to report that I have come out on the other side an even stronger soul from that journey.

I will be re-entering intentional, unconventional ministry in 2023, and I am coming for your heart.

May my endeavors help bring you the peace and healing God has in store, and you so richly deserve.


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