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The Smart and Spiritual Podcast™ – with Nicole Berryhill – Episode 5 – Clear and Honest Communication

The Smart and Spiritual Podcast™ – with Nicole Berryhill – Where smart and spiritual come together to reveal truly good news.™

Episode 5, Clear and Honest Communication, Word of the Week: Legó/Logos, Listener Question: How Can I Fix Broken Family Communications?

Hey, great to meet you! My name is Nicole Berryhill. I serve people who struggle with their faith and spirituality. I am a minister of nearly a quarter of a century, and an internationally published research psychologist focused on holistic neurotheology integration. Those are just some high value Scrabble words saying I work from the understanding that our Body, Mind and Spirit all work together for our overall wellbeing.
I am also the founder of the Renewed Mind Healing Institute™ and host of The Smart and Spiritual Podcast™. My life’s work has been focused on educating and empowering people to renew their minds, restore their souls and experience the fullness of joy and peace available to all of us.
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Nicole Berryhill PhD
The Smart and Spiritual Podcast™ – Dr. Nicole Berryhill brings a quarter of a century of experience in spiritual counseling, coaching and healing to her ongoing masterclass, books, podcast and events, helping us each thrive as a whole person (Body, Mind, Soul & Nest™)


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