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A Silent Pause in Love

I just want take a moment to remember my former father-in-law and “Pops in Florida” to my precious daughters, Paul Sr., who passed yesterday morning into glory. The girls, family and I are gathering together at home tonight for a traditional “all-day Momma meal”, assembling to remember and honor our memories of our lives with him tonight. We won’t be able to travel to Florida for a memorial, so we are making our own. My heart goes out to Brigitte, his new wife and now, widow.

I look forward to sharing memories of my precious babies at varying stages of their young lives, just flippin’ GLOWING in the sandy beach sunsets at “Pops & Grandma-in-Florida”‘s home. Memories of me (so many years ago) walking into a family’s story as a “second wife” to a house full of loving souls and Dorothy’s (Grandma, who passed back in 2008) Italian sausage and peppers, hugs and unconditional love & acceptance. And over the years, watching their relaxing, screened in “sun room” morph into a full-on, fully-stocked playroom for the girls. Not to mention the time I caught him (in their living room) teaching all the girls how to play Texas Hold’em Poker like a flippin’ boss & trying to hide it from me when I walked into the room 🤣 “Pops” was just too cute for words, and he will be missed.

So, tonight, we celebrate a truly good man gone home. Although our family has been fractured in recent years, it doesn’t negate the love that continues. We choose to let THAT shine on within us, gloriously <3 Love you, Pops. Thank you, for just being yourself with us. See you again when the time is right.

Into that glorious sunset, you adorable man. <3


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